August 14, 2009

Good News, Good News, Some Bad News, and finally Some Good News

The First Good News is that my First shipment of Taiwanese BLTs were not on this ship!!

The Second bit of Good News is that the first batch is painted and will be shipped August 21st from Taiwan!!

The Bad News is that my friend of 35 years Richard Sachs is selling the WCAMO button I personally gave him at the Portland Oregon NAHBS.
That is like finding out that your best friend is "re-gifting" the wedding present you gave him.
But you can bid on it on Ebay - I guess I'm famous enough to be a draw on the description tag line.

Attention Dave:
If you are the "Dave" who won the first photo contest - please email me your address so I can send you your "Collectable WCAMO Button".

Now the Final Good News!

If anyone who wants their very own "Collectable WCAMO Button" - Please send me a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with $.98 postage to cover shipping.

June 30, 2009


This is the first of My Blog Contests.

In order to win your very own WCAMO Button (see first blog post below)

Simply identify the 3 people in the Photo & the year the photo was taken .

The contest is not open to the people in the photo.

Name the 3 people (left to right) and what year it was taken, and you will receive your very own Collectable WCAMO Button.

Post your answers in the form of a comment below

June 18, 2009

Be Careful on Bike Paths in London & The Sale Continues

Saw this picture on the "Interweb"

Bike paths aren't always safe!!

P.S. The Anniversay Sale continues - see the blog from June 8th.

June 8, 2009

Anniversary SALE!!!

So in honor of my New Blog & the 21st Anniversary of the first Rock 'n Road bike - I am announcing a Limited Time Sale.

The first 2 people who step up to the plate will get a Rock 'n Road Tour frame and fork for $895.
This is the price the first Rock 'n Road frames were in 1988
The next 2 people to order will get the frame and fork for $995.
The next order will be at $1095.
The next order will be at $1195.
The next order will be at $1295, and so on till the regular price of $1600.
This pricing is to reward the "Proverbial Early Bird" - So - If you snooze - you loose.
All prices are + shipping and handling + sales tax if in California.
You can order a complete bike too, and savings will be applied to the total price

Also my "Interweb Guy" has got some better images of my new Titanium Towne Bike up - Check them out!!

Followers and Comments are Welcome.
I'm new to this "Blogging" thing - so please check back and bear with me.


A year ago today I was in Bern Switzerland where the pictured Gnome lives. Today - I'm starting a Blog. My inspiration has been Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles. I can only hope to post stuff half as enlightening as Paul's Blog -

You might be wondering what "WCAMO" stands for?? As it says in the heading - "Who Cares About My Opinion"
Next you might wonder - Why WCAMO??? Because ATMO was already taken!!

The bike hanging off the bridge was in Zurich - Probably the most creative bike parking I have ever seen. But, with so many bikes in Switzerland - parking spaces are where you can find one.

I will be posting as my mood allows. Funny Stuff on the "Interweb", News from Bruce Gordon Cycles, Special Offers, etc.

Check back often, and I encourage you to comment and send Pictures. I would really like to see photos of your Bruce Gordon bike or interesting touring pictures.

Below are 3 Rock 'n Roads at Hoosier Pass. Someone gave me this photo at the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show - I'm not sure of their name.

Regards, Bruce Gordon