June 8, 2009

Anniversary SALE!!!

So in honor of my New Blog & the 21st Anniversary of the first Rock 'n Road bike - I am announcing a Limited Time Sale. http://bgcycles.com/rnr.html

The first 2 people who step up to the plate will get a Rock 'n Road Tour frame and fork for $895.
This is the price the first Rock 'n Road frames were in 1988
The next 2 people to order will get the frame and fork for $995.
The next order will be at $1095.
The next order will be at $1195.
The next order will be at $1295, and so on till the regular price of $1600.
This pricing is to reward the "Proverbial Early Bird" - So - If you snooze - you loose.
All prices are + shipping and handling + sales tax if in California.
You can order a complete bike too, and savings will be applied to the total price

Also my "Interweb Guy" has got some better images of my new Titanium Towne Bike up - Check them out!!

Followers and Comments are Welcome.
I'm new to this "Blogging" thing - so please check back and bear with me.


  1. Nice blog Bruce... I'll be following it. -Richard

  2. Way to go, Bruce. I will check back daily! Your knowledge is an asset to the cycling community.


  3. If I understand this correctly, the first two folks can get a touring frame built in the shop ( Not Taiwan or anywhere else ) for $ 895.....that's a deal not seen since 1988 !

  4. Welcome to the blog world :) Used to live in Santa Rosa and was always a fan of your work.
    That shot of the Town Bike is gorgeous. I've shared it with my readers at http://www.bikemandan.com
    (Killer deal on the RnR also)

  5. Hey, I'm a fan of your work and Iv'e never even lived in Santa Rosa......I need a wcamo button. I'll trade you a dradle ...got a deal ?

  6. Thanks for the great deal and all the help with the fit. Now I've just got to get some components. Also wanted to say thanks to Russ Roca at the Epicurean Cyclist for pointing me this way.

  7. is this deal still available?

  8. The sale price is currently at $1395 for the frame and fork.
    Bruce Gordon